Between 2009 – 2014, we launched strong partnerships with important companies, that manufacture products for the most demanding and well informed patients in Romania.

We permanently explore new opportunities on the global markets and are informed about the latest trends related to health, nutrition, prevention and vitality. Currently, we are creating our story through FOCUS, EXPERTISE, ACTION.


In 1975, Laboratoires Fumouze developed and launched STÉRIMAR ® – the first solution for nasal hygiene based on seawater in physiological concentration. Over more than 30 years, STÉRIMAR ® aims to offer the most efficient solutions to their patients and professionals in the world.

Trident Pharma offers representation services to Lab Fumouze company.


Protina Pharma Ernahrung is an independent German family business, medium sized, with a 3-generation history. Its area of expertise includes: development, approval, production and marketing of innovative products: over-the counter drugs (OTC) and food supplements for German and international markets.

Protina Pharma is present in Romania by: